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Founded in 2017 in New York, Forepont Capital Partners is a global asset manager in healthcare and life science.

Our story begins in 2011, when our partners started financing cutting-edge medical research in neurology with leading research centers and academic hospitals. Our work in nerve cell re-myelination (CNS) have established our group as a recognized and valued player.

We developed strong and tight partnerships with industry leaders: physicians, researchers, key opinion leaders, academia, hospitals and large pharmaceutical groups.
These partnerships have vastly contributed to our success. In addition to their involvement in medical research , they helped shape our patient-investor virtuous circle.

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Our philosophy

Forepont funds invest in start-ups whose science will change the lives of numbers of patients. Forepont philanthropy funds basic and academic research that discovers new science.

Our program for medical research is the heart of Forepont. Our funds investment performance is the engine. We continuously deploy energy, resources and expertise around our passion for basic medical research and the performance of our invested start-ups to participate in the discovery of new treatments that will change the lives of millions.

Our mission is to invest in biotech, medtech and e-health start-ups in the United States and Europe while providing scientific, technological, financial and operational support. We improve their performance by leveraging their talent, our know-how, our partners and global ecosystem.


Our established healthcare partners give us a direct and privileged access to new opportunities. We always consider the medical, human, financial and ethical footprint before any investment.


Investing in Bio&Med Tech before the inflection point allows Forepont's experience, expertise and know-how to have an immediate and unique impact. Our team helps shape the startup to maximise the value creation.


Our deep knowledge of American and European regulations, structures and markets allows us to provide an important support at local and international levels.