People Are At The Heart Of Our Business

Our team, our investors, our entrepreneurs and the people who benefit from the new treatments and innovations we enable and help bring to market.

Investing With Impact

Forepont Capital Partners is a global investment manager led by
successful entrepreneurs from life sciences and financial management.

Through investment we help entrepreneurs become successful, which in turn, helps us to become more successful. In fact, we find the more we give, the more we gain.

The more we gain the more we donate to new research. New science brings new opportunities, new rewarding jobs, new treatments and new hope.

Financial Support And More

Financial capital is critical to the success of any business and
our philosophy is to support our partners along their journey.

We also provide “human capital”, and “intellectual capital”, which can range from guidance as a board member of an organization, to helping recruit top talent to our partner companies as well as access to world leading scientists, experts and cutting edge research. Our focus is helping to create value as well as commercial opportunities.