We leverage our capital and our experience to create new value for our clients and partners

Forepont Asset Management

Forepont Asset Management was created by successful and experienced investment and distribution professionals to focus on new ways of creating value and growth for our clients and partners. We believe in sharing the value we create - when all parties are aligned the model grows quickly and everyone benefits.

By leveraging our experience, our extensive network and our permanent capital to invest in best in class asset managers, Forepont Asset Management is creating new value streams for our clients and our partners.

Come share in our investment.

Our Approach

Forepont Asset Management identifies global Clients’ needs, sets-up of the appropriate vehicles complying with local regulators and provides customized global client Services.

Forepont Asset Management invests in AM partners with permanent capital, which is not subject to a limited investment horizon.

This investment aligns the interests of all parties; our clients and our AM partners:

  • Pools AUM of all our AM partners to comply with client’s requirement for AUM threshold and solve holding ratio constraints
  • Guarantees sustainability and robust track record of the AM partner
  • Asset Manager partners operate independently and maintain their own culture, compensation structure and brand
  • Enables seeding, development and distribution of new products

Forepont Asset Management invests to generate new revenue and growth and then shares the value we helped create.